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    Non-halogen Water Resistant Flame Retardant PF-1 for PP

    PF-1 is a new kind of excellent water resistance intumescent flame retardant specially developed for PP. Its white powder and with the properties of good thermal stability, excellent composite mechanical property, good compatibility with polymers, no agglomeration and no precipitation.

        Yuxing HFFR PF-1 Picture

    ■ Product Features

       ▪Non halogen, environment friendly

    ▪ High heat resistance

    ▪ Excellent water resistance

    ▪ Superior flame retardant

    ▪ Excellent mechanical property of composite materials   

    ■ Quality Index

    产品型号 Product Model


    外观 Appearance

    White Powder

    有效含量Purity  % 


    比重Specific Gravity  g/cm3  


    水份Moisture % 


    白度 Whiteness %


    粒径Particle Size D50 μm


    1%热分解温度 Thermal Decomposition Temperature 


    ■ Applications Example:

    The following test formula and test result of PF-1 in PP for reference

    Yuxing Halogen Free Flame Retardant PF-1

    ■ Remarks:

    Above formula is made in lab. Owing to different raw materials and processing technology, the universality 

    cant be  guaranteed. Please kindly adjust according to the actual situation. We suggest that pilot trial 

    should be made to confirm the  dosage and processing condition before using largely.


    ■ Attentions: 

    Please make sure that machine is clean before extrusion, set temperature round 180 . Shear strength is 

    medium and weak level, Die head should not added with sieve mesh. Screw rotation speed should be less 

    than 280rpm and feeding as large as possible. It must be vacuum-pumping during operation.Antimony-bromide 

    flame retardant is strictly prohibited to be touch in case of product decomposition.


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