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    High Purity Magnesium Hydroxide IV-100

    High purity magnesium hydroxide IV-100 is produced through international high-tech chemical purification technique, and used the most advanced and finest surface treatment technique and agent. IV-100 has excellent fire retarding effect with more properties, excellent thermal stability, smoke suppressant, filling, safe, nontoxic, environment-friend and so on. It can replace aluminium hydroxide, can be used widely in rubber, plastic and non halogen fire retardant material, etc.

    ·High purity, uniform particle size distribution, full surface modification, good dispersion, no large agglomeration, whiteness, and fluffy is good for compounding.
    · Good physical properties, high filling can’t affect the mechanical properties.
    · Excellent thermal stability, not easy to sublimation and exudation phenomenon.
    · Excellent formability, compatible with polymer very well.
    · It is both flame retardant and smoke suppressant, safety and non-toxic, corrosive gas

    · Packing: 10kgs/bag, packed in paper kraft bag.
    · Please keep package integral, avoid moisture while shipping and storing. IV-100 can be stored for two years in cool and dry air.

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