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    YT-III/IV are new kind of the environment-friendly flame retardant compounds based on antimony as its subject through the process of activated treatment. Used mainly in engineering plastic, modified plastic, aarubber, insulation material, conveyor belt, coating, foaming, etc. It can replace Antimony Trioxide completely, and lower the content of heavy metal. It reduces effectively unit cost of modified material. Flame retardant effect and various mechanical properties are improved.


    Application: Used as flame retardant for engineering plastic, rubber, insulation material, conveyor belt, 

    coating, foaming, etc.

    Solubility: Insoluble in water; parts soluble in strong HCl, NaOH solution and strong sulphuric acid.

    Packing: 20 kgs/bag, packed in kraft paper bag with PE inner.

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